You know that feeling of exploration that we as kids would have when looking over books, unable to understand words or pictures yet still... intrigued by the mystery behind this world that we call Earth, Codex is a platformer game, through a world we never lived, to bring us back that feeling of naivety..

[W A S D] Keys to control

[R] to restart the match

Enjoy the journey :3

Illustrated by Hoshipan, Programmed by Alamenium


codex windows zip 46 MB
codex seraphinius.apk 49 MB
Codex Mobile Web


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Really enjoyed the game, the weird artstyle makes for such a fun experience, it needs a bit of polish but over all I'm quite excited to see where this goes 


great job! it's the first time i ve seen a game based on codex seraphinius... love the wild imagination

wow, it looks so... surreal. not a big fan of the sound effects, but very cool art!

ой, бля, как это мне нервы то испоганило... но в целом норм.


It serves its purpose really well, I like the puzzle


Very visually unique. 

I like. 


I this is so odd looking. I love it. Thematically appropriate too.